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Daniel Craig: I'm too old to play James Bond

Esme Riley
By Esme Riley Published on 23 October 2012

Daniel Craig has joked that he's too old for the role of 007 agent James Bond.

Daniel Craig: I'm too old to play James Bond

Daniel Craig


Some have questioned whether the 44-year-old actor is a bit past it to play the famous character.

He joked to The Sun: "I am", but soon changed his mind: “I will be at 44 and three quarters.”

New Bond film Skyfall is Daniel's 3rd and he's signed a deal to appear in two more films - so he won't be hanging up his suit just yet.

Daniel added: “I will keep going as long as I can. I am contracted for two more and that seems like a fair few.

"But I am not going to outstay my welcome. Someone else will have to have the chance to have a crack at this.”

Skyfall premieres tonight and has already received rave reviews from critics who consider it the best Bond film yet.

Though Daniel is now considered one of the most successful 007s, some doubted his suitability for the role when he was first cast in the long-running film series.

One such person was director Sam Mendes, who'd worked with Daniel on 2002 film Road To Perdition.But Sam was soon eating his words.

Daniel remembered with a laugh: "He apologised, we moved on.”

In fact, they did more than that - thanks to Daniel, Sam ended up as the director of Skyfall.

The actor recalled: “I was at a party and Sam was there. He doesn’t drink, so he was sober, but I wasn’t.

"I picked his brains about the next movie and we talked about the things we loved about Bond movies. I offered him the job, which wasn’t my job to do.”

He added: “I would like to work with Sam again but it’s not my decision. Most movies take three or four months, but this is six, seven, eight months of shooting, so you need an energy level.

"Sam has an abundance of energy and fortunately there is no bigger Bond fan. That’s what I really wanted from a director.”

Skyfall is considered the funniest of all the Bond films - no thanks to Mike Myers' Austin Powers spoofs.

Daniel continued: “The first two movies had one story to tell. I always wanted to bring the comedy back in. I love Mike Myers but he screwed it for us on a lot of the gags - he took the best ones.

“I maintained as long as we got good writing, the jokes would come, and they do in this movie, adding a lightness of touch to break tension.”

And, ladies, it gets better.

Daniel added: "I take my clothes off in this film more than I did in Casino Royale.”

by Esme Riley

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