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David Beckham admits his kids are under pressure

Esme Riley
By Esme Riley Published on 1 August 2012

David Beckham has confessed he thinks his sons are under pressure to be good at football.

David Beckham admits his kids are under pressure

David Beckham

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The LA Galaxy star, who's considered one of the greatest sportsmen of his time, thinks people always expect his sons Brooklyn, 13, Romeo, nine, and Cruz, seven, to be talented athletes.

He told Esquire magazine: "There are expectations on the football side for the kids. It's hard for them obviously.

"There's a lot of pressure on them. They go for try-outs and people automatically think David Beckham's son is going to bend the ball in the top corner at the age of six."

Fortunately, Becks, 37 - who's also dad to 1-year-old daughter Harper - doesn't think his boys are fazed.

He added: "They're very confident kids. They take it in their stride."

Nowadays, David is known for a string of other talents beside his skills on the pitch.He's designed clothes, underwear and perfume, plus he has a string of other successful business ventures to his name.

David also makes a rather talented model and is famed for posing in his pants - but he still wants to be remembered for one talent only.

He said: "Just as a hard-working footballer.

"I want to be remembered firstly as a good and successful footballer because that’s what I’ve done for many years. And then who knows after that?"

by Esme Riley

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