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David Beckham won't be coaching Justin Bieber's soccer team

Esme Riley
By Esme Riley Published on 2 August 2012

David Beckham isn't keen to coach Justin Bieber's celebrity football team - he wants to play instead!

David Beckham won't be coaching Justin Bieber's soccer team

David Beckham

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The LA Galaxy star made his feelings very clear when he was asked about his interest in training up the singer's planned LA side.

He told Hollyscoop.com "Would I want to be the coach? I'd want to play!"

Justin, 18, revealed last month that he was keen to start up a team made up of a string of celebrities.

He told the Daily Star: "There's only one guy we want to coach the team and that is David Beckham.

"I am going to personally ask David myself and I'm really hoping he will say yes. And we will play only 10 minutes from his house."

But when it comes to actually taking up a position on the squad, 37-year-old Becks may find that he's too old.

Justin continued: "I've been playing a lot of soccer over the last two or three years. I've been really enjoying it.

"I know there's an LA celebrity team that Robbie Williams was in, but I am looking to start a team for the younger guys. The One Direction guys said that they'll play and also Lil Bow Wow."

Justin added that the team will probably only play a few games a season, but he'd like to rope in girlfriend Selena Gomez and David's wife Victoria to also take part in the action.

He said: "I was going to ask my girl Selena and Victoria if they wanted to be cheerleaders for us.

"But hey, that might be pushing it."

by Esme Riley

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