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Disgusted Channel 4 drop Frankie Boyle over Paralympic gags

Alison Potter
By Alison Potter Published on 31 August 2012

Channel 4 has reportedly banned Frankie Boyle from working on their channel following a string of sick jokes about the Paralympic athletes. The comedian, who is no stranger to controversy, sparked fury with a whole host of offensive tweets during the Paralympic opening ceremony on Wednesday night.

Disgusted Channel 4 drop Frankie Boyle over Paralympic gags

His vile jokes included looking forward to the equestrian events so he could see a horse in a wheelchair.

The 40-year-old called the Saudi Arabian team “thieves” and joked that “the blind highjump's cancelled after 2 Labrador's were hanged during training."

They were just a few of his many off-colour tweets which left the nation outraged.

Channel 4, who paid £9 million for the rights to broadcast the Paralympic Games in the UK, was especially upset as they’ve worked closely with Frankie since he left Mock The Week.

A source at the channel told the Daily Mirror: “We will wash our hands of Frankie now.”

“Frankie has upset a lot of people, his comments are out of touch with the feelings of Britain.”

Channel 4 have publicly tried to distance themselves from the comedian following his outburst, commenting: “He is not under contract with Channel 4 and we don’t have any shows planned with him.”

Dan Scorer from the charity Mencap praised Channel 4's "commitment to disability programming", but added: "It would be disappointing if these steps were undermined by providing a comedian who has repeatedly caused profound offence to disabled people opportunities to do so again."

Despite the anger of many at Frankie’s tasteless jokes, he still has numerous fans and supporters, and a number of his 978,000 followers favourited and retweeted his offensive comments.

But Channel 4 were not amused and now it would seem that he’s now lost a vital ally as in recent months they've broadcast a number of his stand-up shows and his one-off new pilot programme The Boyle Variety Performance.

The channel also stood by Frankie during his Katie Price scandal, after the comedian caused outrage by making fun of Katie Price’s disabled son.

by Alison Potter

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