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Dishevelled Tara Palmer Tomkinson pics result of pap attack?

Alison Potter
By Alison Potter Published on 17 October 2012

When photos emerged of a hollow-eyed and crazy-looking Tara Palmer-Tomkinson arriving at the Attitude Magazine Awards, many were quick to accuse the star of falling off the wagon. The 40-year-old socialite has publicly battled problems with drink and drugs, checking into rehab in 1999 for cocaine addiction. Her drug use ravaged her nose, causing Tara to need extensive cosmetic surgery to repair the significant damage.

Dishevelled Tara Palmer Tomkinson pics result of pap attack?

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson


Earlier today the MailOnline published a set of pictures showing the former party girl looking wild-eyed, clutching her arms and with her eye-makeup smudged.

The MailOnline declared that she “looked extremely worse for wear” and the “dishevelled” star had “bloodshot” eyes as she arrived at the party in Mayfair.

But online publication Holy Moly has come to the defence of Tara, claiming that the socialite was pounced on by the paparazzi when she arrived at One Mayfair and the photos are a result of their alleged harassment.

A source at the scene told Holy Moly: "When she got out of the car, the paps went nuts, screaming abuse at her, telling her they could see track marks on her arms, saying she was off her face etc.

“They got her pinned up against a wall and she couldn't get away. None of the security seemed to do much.

“Understandably, she got really frightened and started to scream until eventually someone dragged her inside, but she was in a real state.

“She seemed completely sober, if a little bonkers."

Meanwhile the MailOnline are not only standing by their story that Tara’s drug addiction is back, but they have cruelly put her picture alongside a still from Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride, declaring that she was “channelling” the Halloween character.

Holy Moly went on to say that the photos from last night are just another example of “the dark underbelly of paparazzi behaviour”.

The pictures echo those that were regularly taken of tragic singer Amy Winehouse, who was regularly followed and goaded by photographers in order to get a reaction.

As yet there’s been no official comment from Tara Palmer-Tomkinson’s representative.

by Alison Potter

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