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EastEnders' Jessie Wallace and Letitia Dean deny feud claims

Esme Riley
By Esme Riley Published on 16 August 2012

EastEnders stars Jessie Wallace and Letitia Dean have rubbished reports that they don't get long.

EastEnders' Jessie Wallace and Letitia Dean deny feud rumours

Jessie Wallace


It was recently claimed that Jessie - who plays Kat Moon in the soap - has been snubbing Letitia since she returned to the show.

But an EastEnders spokesperson told Digital Spy: "There is absolutely no truth in the reports that Jessie and Letitia do not get on or that the atmosphere at EastEnders can be 'cut with a knife'.

"Jessie has no fears that she is being 'phased out' of EastEnders, in fact she has huge storylines to come for the rest of the year and beyond and Kat remains a key part of the show.

"As we have always said, Letitia is not a replacement for Jessie - she is yet another great addition to our cast."

Letitia returned as Sharon Watts on Monday - appearing on the doorstep of her former lover Phil Mitchell - following a sex-year absence from the programme.

Despite her time away, it seems Letitia has settled in rather well.

Letitia revealed: "I love being back at EastEnders and the atmosphere is better than ever.

"Any suggestions that Jessie and I don't get on are completely untrue, in fact Jessie was the first person to call and congratulate me when it was announced that I was returning. The only downside about returning is reading claims in certain magazines that are completely untrue."

Jessie added: "Yet again, I seem to have a problem with Letitia Dean, which is funny considering we were hysterically laughing only a couple of days ago.

"I do wish people would stop trying to cause trouble between the two of us, it is not only untrue but incredibly boring. Maybe whoever prints these stories should write a book as this article is nothing but a work of fiction."

by Esme Riley

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