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I’m A Celebrity: David Haye takes a break from showering naked to face Bushtucker Trial

Alison Potter
By Alison Potter Published on 23 November 2012

Look. At. That. Bod.

I’m A Celebrity: David Haye takes a break from showering naked to face Bushtucker Trial

David Haye


As a former heavyweight boxing champ, David Haye is still staggeringly buff - an achievement he's been showing off with his daily naked showers in the I'm A Celebrity jungle.

And he's clearly no stranger to displaying his toned abs and and rippling biceps, as he previously got his kit off to raise awareness of male cancers for the Everyman charity - check out Cosmopolitan's pic!

But the 32-year-old is set to take a break from stripping off and lathering up and instead will be getting dirty in the latest Bushtucker Trial, in which he’s set to “Wingwalk” along a plane suspended high above the jungle floor.

The I'm a Celebrity Scare Plane challenge will involve the competitive sportsman sitting in a cockroach-filled cockpit and then balancing on the wings of the aircraft as he goes on the hunt for stars located in and around the aircraft.

David will have to be light-footed and keep his normal composed attitude as he fends off the creepy crawlies and resists the urge to move too abruptly, because one false move will see him fall off of the plane!

If the Bushtucker Trial wasn’t already complicated and difficult enough, Ant and Dec will inform The Hayemaker that he then has to unleash more bugs, which are hiding in plastic tubes along the wings.

Ordinarily a wingwalk stroll with such beautiful views would be quite pleasant, but David won’t have any time to soak up the peaceful atmosphere away from the camp, as his fellow contestants are desperate for meals.

They all seem to be struggling with the lack of food and David admitted before going on the show that hunger was one of the things he was dreading most about the jungle.

He confessed: "I do eat a lot and I eat at set times. My diet is very regimented in the kinds of foods I eat and when I eat.

“This will be tough for me and it will be a challenge. It remains to be seen how grumpy I do get!

"I don't, however, want to drop too much weight in the jungle. It is a concern because it is not so much to do with the actual weight, but how much lean muscle I have. I need to maintain my muscle weight and I will try to exercise when I can."

David’s buff body has already proved somewhat of a highlight on the show and viewers have looked on admirably as the athlete has engaged in regular jungle workouts.

Hopefully he will pass the Bushtucker Trial with 'flying' colours...

David posed naked for Cosmopolitan magazine to raise awareness of male cancer for the Everyman Charity.

by Alison Potter

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