James Arthur hits out at The Voice after will.i.am and Danny O'Donoghue's snub

Published by Francesca Menato
Published on 22 March 2013

X Factor winner James Arthur has hit back on Twitter following claims that he was snubbed by The Voice mentors will.i.am and Danny Donoghue.

James Arthur hits out at The Voice after will.i.am and Danny O'Donoghue's snub

Danny O'Donoghue
born 03/10/1980

The spat started amid rumours James tried out for the rival talent show but was rejected at his very first audition.

An insider told the Mirror: “James was on The Voice last year but we didn’t put it in the show. He didn’t even make it to the judges' stage.”

Danny - The Script frontman - backed this up by casually saying: “I’ve never heard of him. He didn’t make it through.

“30,000 people audition and then they get whittled down to what gets presented to us, so he obviously didn't make it through to that part."

Fellow panellist will.i.am added: “Who's James Arthur?"

James has clearly caught wind of the story and took to Twitter yesterday in retaliation.

He wrote to his 1,752,199 followers: "Who's James Arthur?" .. He was the dude keeping you off the top spot for weeks.. Sights set higher than the voice #whereisthelove."

James was crowned X Factor winner in 2012, but since the release of his No.1 winner's single Impossible we've heard little from him music-wise.

This is despite his insistence last year that he didn't want to fade away like many previous champions.

He told The Mirror: "I'll be really disappointed if I haven't got any music out by April, I don't understand why X Factor winners disappear for a year before releasing their first album. I'll sleep in the studio if I have to".

As we're quickly approaching the end of March, we think maybe James needs to focus more on the music and less on Twitter battles.

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