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Jasmine Lennard interview: Simon Cowell and CBB gossip

Alison Potter
By Alison Potter Published on 23 August 2012

Celebrity Big Brother: Jasmine Lennard gives Sofeminine the inside gossip

Jasmine Lennard was the first housemate to be evicted from this series of Celebrity Big Brother last night.

As the self-confessed “Bad Girl”, her time in the house was short but incredibly memorable.

The model, famous for allegedly having an affair with Simon Cowell, was never afraid to create drama.
Her screaming tantrums, sudden mood changes and erratic behaviour frightened the housemates to the extent that Rhian and Danica even hid knives for fear of her next freak out.

But is that the real Jasmine Lennard or is it all an act?

Sofeminine sat down with the former CBB housemate to get her side of the story…

How do you feel about your time in the Celebrity Big Brother house?

I’m absolutely stunned at how the story has been written. I think the show is genius.

I think that it’s hysterically funny. I’m taking it all with a pinch of salt and I just hope I’ve entertained everybody.

Tell us about your disagreement with Rhian - you were consoling her, then you suddenly appeared to switch on her. What exactly happened?

From the second I walked into the house, I consciously made an effort not to be remotely intimidating towards her.

In fact the opposite - I lent her my clothes...and I played a big sisterly role to her and they didn't show any of that.

On that particular evening...she was in fear of how she was being perceived. She was having a very emotional night and was on the edge of tears before that conversation had begun.

I had gone to her bed to comfort her. She began a conversation where I recognised very quickly that she was...going to burst into tears and that she was villainising me.

I recognised what she was doing and it agitated me. Turning around saying: "I’ve been really intimidated by you and what you said to me is really unkind.”

I knew she was going to burst into tears and I knew when she did that it would draw everyone from the house around her.

She was playing a game. She wasn’t sincere. Those tears weren’t about me. She was crying for herself, not because I had made her.

And as soon as I recognised that she was putting me in a bad light, deliberately and manipulatively, I jumped up and I was very angry.

What do you think about your mother-daughter relationship with Julie in the house? Rhian told you she was just playing a game - do you think Julie was sincere?

I think she was sincerely insincere. I think she’s a phenomenal actress and I think she’s played me and played the game so well, that if I saw her I would just have to shake her hand and congratulate her.

It’s sort of like being stabbed in the back by your nana.

But do I like her at the end of it all? Yeah I do, but she’s a bitch isn’t she? She’s wonderful. She’s a wonderful bitch.

I hope that when I’m her age I can be a little bit like her.

Why did you call Danica a prostitute?

Because I saw right through her. Have you seen her website? She’s asking for a multi-gym on it.

Please explain to me what she’s doing in return for that. I say it as I see it.

What do you think about Danica and Rhian hiding the knives because they were scared of you?

I was completely and totally unaware and that wasn’t the reality at all. Absolutely not.

I was the one who was intimidated by characters in there. I was massively intimidated by Ashley, massively intimidated by Harvey after he’d had a drink or two in him.

I was intimidated by Danica - I mean are you kidding me?! Do you really believe that girl, who takes her clothes off for a living, who hangs out in some of the roughest bars in Manchester, who’s taken Jordan on, is intimidated by me?! Absolutely not, but I’ll give her credit for her acting.

If you had the chance to go back again would you do anything differently?

Obviously I regret the comment I made about Danica. I definitely regret that.

But what you’re seeing is not the reality. If I genuinely behaved that way 24 hours a day, it would not have been possible.

There’s 12 other people in that house and of course I had moments of bitchiness and I had moments of badness...but I did also do washing up, helped the boys with their laundry, lent my clothes out.

I did also provide humour and I do believe that I won people over in the house.

But at the same time it’s a big pantomime and I think that I played the villain very well. I’m happy with my part.

The nominations for Friday’s eviction are Cheryl, Coleen, Mike, Prince Lorenzo and Julie. Discuss.

If I could call them up right now and give them one piece of advice I would say “Stop taking this so seriously! No matter what you do the story has already been written. Enjoy yourselves and play your part.”

I think every single one of them is going to be stunned when they come outside and see how they’ve been perceived.

Danica genuinely believes that she’s coming across holier than thou. She’ll be horrified to realise that everyone is seeing who and how she is. She thinks that she’s Marcia Brady and frontrunner [to win].

It’s a pantomime, but it’s a bloody brilliant one. And whilst I’m very frustrated, you know at Channel 5 and at Big Brother, I think that it’s genius.

I’d rather be the bitch than the dumb-dumb or be the gold digger or be some of the other characters.

In the CBB house you said that Simon Cowell was the love of your life. Can you see yourself getting back together?

I can’t predict the future at all, but the man’s been in my life since I was a kid and he’ll continue to be. I have huge affection for him and I am contented with the foundations of our relationship.

We have a very strong, solid friendship, which means a lot to me.

I’m not sure that I will ever have a conventional relationship and I’m not sure that he will either, but we care about each other very much and that’s the bottom line.

You can’t speak any details about the relationship because of the injunction. Do you think it’s unfair that these injunctions exist?

Yes, I’m stunned that in this day and age it’s possible and I think it’s unbelievably unfair you have to have a huge amount of money to fight to be able to speak the truth.

I can't understand how any person could have their freedom of speech removed from them, but it’s something that I've experienced. And it’s got to stop.

With an injunction against you, how do you still remain friends with Simon?

This injunction was put in place several years ago and it wasn’t put in place in any aggressive manner whatsoever.

When somebody has a lot of money and when...somebody is a brand...they employ people around them to protect them.

That is the job of those people, so yes those people put every single measure in place to protect him. That is them, not him.

We've continued our relationship and our friendship since. I understand why it’s there.

Who do you want to win Celebrity Big Brother?

I would like Samantha to win or Lorenzo, because he’s also there for a cause. I’m not sure if anyone’s aware of that but he’s a huge animal activist, as am I.

They’re the two most genuinely nice characters in there.

Will you try to stay in touch with any of your ex-housemates?

Yes absolutely I will. I could not be happier now to have come out in this position because it’s going to get so evil in that house!

I will 100 percent stay in contact with Lorenzo, Samantha, Coleen. The only two that I don’t have any time for are Danica and Rhian, but the rest are welcome at my dinner table.

How do you think family and friends, including Simon, will react to how you’ve been portrayed?

My family and friends know me and how I am and they adore me and they’ll take it with a pinch of salt just like I have...It’s a game, it’s not reality.

Is there a side of Jasmine that we didn’t see in the house?

I had long, in-depth, sensitive conversations and created real friendships in that house.

I was incredibly funny, I was generous and I was kind. I did do the washing up, the laundry, and I do believe that I managed to win over the hearts of people in that house.

They were living with me 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You only see one hour of that, so the reality was not what you were looking at.

Ultimately I am completely mad and I do say outrageous things and I do speak my mind and I wear my heart on my sleeve.

But no, it wasn’t as one dimensional [as it seemed] and if I get the opportunity to have my own show outside of this house you will perhaps you will see that.

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by Alison Potter

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