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Jealous crowd boo Jessica Ennis as she mentions her fiancé

Esme Riley
By Esme Riley Published on 6 August 2012

It seems there's not a man (or woman) in the country who hasn't totally fallen for Jessica Ennis since her gold medal winning performance in the heptathlon at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Jealous crowd boo Jessica Ennis as she mentions her fiancé

Jessica Ennis


The 26-year-old stormed to victory in the 800m on Saturday evening - the climax of her seven events that saw her perform beyond what was ever expected.

Petite Jess made an appearance at BT London Live yesterday in Hyde Park with her gold medal for an interview in front of a crowd of thousands of her fans.

But the pretty Sheffield girl made the mistake of mentioning her fiancé, Andy Hill, which prompted a chorus of boos from her jealous audience.

Luckily, she laughed off the jeers, and hopefully Andy - who was backstage - did the same.

Jess got engaged to construction boss Andy in December 2010 and the couple seem very loved-up, with Jess admitting he helped to shoulder her burden of pressure and “got the worst of it”.

She told a press conference after her win: “I think obviously I was really aware of all the pressure and what people were expecting me to do.

“Everyone was just expecting me to win so I have had a few moments at home with my fiancé worrying a bit and wondering if it was all going to go right - the way I wanted it to - or whether something would happen and it would fall apart, so it was a huge amount of pressure.

“But again, just such a unique position that I was in and I wanted to make the most of that opportunity - just make sure I trained as hard as I could and delivered on those two days.

“Thankfully I can sit here and say that I did.”

Have we got the new Posh and Becks on our hands? Or even the next Kate and Wills? Jess is considered Olympic royalty, after all...

by Esme Riley