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Jennifer Garner's baby joy

By The editorial team Published on 18 July 2008

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are expecting their second child, says Jennifer's former 'Alias' co-star Victor Garber.

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are expecting their second child.
The couple - who already have a two-year-old daughter Violet - will soon be adding to their family, revealed Jennifer's former 'Alias' co-star Victor Garber.
When Victor - who officiated Ben and Jennifer's wedding in 2005 - was asked if the actress is pregnant, he replied: "Yes, she is."
A source close to the couple told Us Weekly magazine: "Jennifer is five months pregnant. They are both very happy."
Jennifer, 36, recently hinted she and Ben were planning to further extend their brood.
She said: "We definitely wonder what it would be like to have another - hopefully, knock on wood, someday. My job is great to have as a mom. I get to take breaks and then work in a really concentrated way. During that concentrated time, it sucks, but whatever."
The '13 Going On 30' actress also revealed Ben, 35, is a fantastic father to Violet, adding: "You know how as a kid you picture yourself with a tall, handsome husband, and you imagine him cuddling your baby? Ben is like that, like, on crack!
"Violet prefers him to anyone. He's a teddy bear of a guy. Nothing makes me happier than to see the two of them together and her little hands on his face. He has a prevailing calm. Of course, he has the benefit of sleep!"

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