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Jesse J doesn't care about fame

By The editorial team Published on 6 April 2011

Jesse J insists she hasn't decided to became a pop star because she wants to be famous, but because she wants to give people ''hope''.

Jesse J doesn't want to be famous.
The 'Do It Like a Dude' singer insists she isn't interested in being a celebrity and only wants to make music to inspire people.
She said in an interview with RECOGNISE magazine: "I didn't come into this industry to be famous or to go to all the cool parties. I want to use my music to help people who are bombarded with negativity through the media and in some cases day-to-day life I want to bring them hope."
The 22-year-old pop star - who has had an irregular heart beat from the age of 11 - was inspired to pursue her musical dream after she suffered a minor stroke at the age of 18.
Speaking about her condition, she explained: "Of course that spurred me on to do what I've done. Life is not guaranteed to anyone and it made me realise that I had no time to waste. Age is just a number and life is what you make it.
"I've survived to this point and even though it may only be now that I'm in the public eye, I've been around the music business for six years now."