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Joe Jonas denies sex tape claims

Francesca Menato
By Francesca Menato Published on 27 March 2013

A rep for Joe Jonas has spoken out against claims that he's the star of the latest celebrity sex tape.

Joe Jonas denies sex tape claims

Joe Jonas

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It all sounded a bit unlikely from the squeaky clean Disney star, but you never can predict what these celebs may do.

An X-Rated video was circulating the internet and it allegedly showed the 23-year-old singer getting busy with his model girlfriend, Blanda Eggenschwiler.

But reps for the pop star have insisted: "There is no truth or validity to this story. It is completely false."

Of all people to get caught up in such a scandal, this one didn't seem that likely.

Joe and his brothers have always been very open about their religion and as evangelical Christians they spent much of their youth wearing purity rings.

These bands were a symbol of the boys’ commitment to maintaining abstinence before marriage.

Although they don't still sport the rings, a steamy sex tape may be going a bit far!

Joe has been dating Blanda since late 2012 and he's been clear that he would only go out with someone who shares his beliefs.

A source for Hollywood Life said: "Joe is super picky. He wants a girlfriend and he wants her to be Christian.

"He's a really good guy and wants a girl with strong morals."

Before Blanda, Joe had a string of A-List girlfriends, including fellow Disney veteran Demi Lovato and songstress Taylor Swift.

Don't worry - Joe Jonas is still the respectable young man we thought he was.

by Francesca Menato

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