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Jude Law's Kimberly kiss

By The editorial team Published on 20 May 2008

'Alfie' actor Jude Law was spotted passionately kissing Rod Stewart's daughter Kimberly in a nightclub.

Jude Law has been spotted passionately kissing Kimberly Stewart.
The 'Alfie' actor spent Saturday night (17.05.08) with Rod Stewart's daughter at the One9Five Bar and Nightclub in Essex, South-east England.
One clubber said: "As I walked into the VIP area with my friends I spotted Kimberly getting really passionate with a good-looking guy. She comes in a lot because her dad Rod lives nearby.
"But when she finally pulled away, I could see it was actually Jude Law."
Jude, 35, and Kimberly, 28, arrived at Bar One9Five at around midnight, and began drinking £170 bottles of pink champagne.
One onlooker said: "It caused quite a stir when they walked in. They could barely keep their hands off each other."
After tiring of the bar, the couple went to the nearby One9Five Nightclub.
They drank two more bottles of champagne, and continued to canoodle, but tried their best not to be pictured together.
A source said: "I tried to take some pictures of them, as I couldn't believe they were together. However, later in the night, one of his bodyguards came over and took the camera off me and passed it to Jude who deleted most of the snaps."

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