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Julianne Moore confesses to yoga look

By The editorial team Published on 8 April 2011

Julianne Moore has confessed one of her most ''terrible habits'' is keeping her yoga workout clothes on all day.

Julianne Moore wears her yoga outfit all day.
The 50-year-old actress admits she often keeps her exercise clothes on for the rest of the day after a morning workout and readily accepts it is a "terrible habit".
She said: "I have a terrible habit of staying in my yoga clothes all day. I've had girlfriends yell at me.
"I have this fantasy that I'm going to dress nicely in the daytime, but it does not seem to manifest."
The 'Kids Are Alright' star is also the face of high-end jewellery brand Bulgari, and she admits she is interested in accessories providing they make a statement.
In an interview with InStyle magazine, she said: "I like crazy-looking rings with elaborate stones. It's fun and it's art. Stuff that's unusual.
"But jewellery is sentimental. Pieces from my husband or my friends - those are meaningful."
Although she enjoys dressing up for red carpet events, Julianne has confessed she prefers making interior design choices over sartorial decisions.
She said: "I'm better with my house than with fashion. I like the process, finding the right things, combining colours and textures."