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Justin Bieber faces naked picture scandal and ridiculous lawsuit

Esme Riley
By Esme Riley Published on 25 October 2012

Justin Bieber's having a rather odd week.

Justin Bieber faces naked picture scandal and ridiculous lawsuit

Justin Bieber


First he found himself at the centre of a ridiculous lawsuit claiming he stole a man's credit card to buy a penis enlargement.

And now Justin's set to face more embarrassment after it's been claimed that naked photos of his dad Jeremy are being shopped around to tabloids.

A source claimed to RadarOnline: "Jeremy was purposely posing in all the photos, and he's completely naked showing full-frontal. They look like they were taken for a Playgirl-type magazine or something."

It's unknown whether a deal has been made for the alleged X-rated images, but Justin faces a nervous wait to see what comes of the claims.

Meanwhile, a Michigan man - claiming to be the dad of Justin's girlfriend, Selena Gomez - is trying to sue the 18-year-old for stealing his credit card.

The crazy lawsuit makes a number of ridiculous, obviously untrue claims, including: "[Bieber] gave Selena a [sic] STD and Bieber stole my credit card to buy him and sean p-ditty [sic] combs cocaine to use in drug free school zones.

"Bieber also got a penis enlargement with my stolen American Express card."

Unbelievably, he also alleges: "Bieber has cost me $426.78 and never paid me back. This money was used as abortion money because Justin Bieber got my daughter Selena pregnant in my bedroom, on my Canadian bear rug."

No doubt Justin has laughed off the absurd claims and is focusing more on the huge success of his music career.

The Canadian singer has just broken a record by receiving a total of three billion video views on his Vevo channel.

Earlier this month his latest single, Beauty And The Beat, racked up 10.6 million views in just 24 hours and a week later that figure has increased to 44 million.

We're not sure Justin has any need to steal anyone's credit card with that kind of success...

by Esme Riley

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