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Kate Middleton and Prince William ban Harry Vegas questions

Alison Potter
By Alison Potter Published on 31 August 2012

Kate Middleton and Prince William ban Harry Vegas questions

Kate Middleton


Kate Middleton and Prince William have reportedly told the press that they will not talk about Prince Harry’s recent naked Las Vegas scandal.

The much-loved Royal couple have allegedly banned questions regarding the party Prince’s leaked photos, which show Harry grabbing onto another naked girl and cupping his “crown jewels”.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are about to embark on a tour to East Asia, first jetting off to Malaysia in mid-September as part of their grandmother’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

But Clarence House has warned in advance that Wills and Kate will be remaining tight-lipped over the scandal that has got the whole world talking about Harry’s penchant for naked billiards.

A source told RadarOnline: "Journalists who are travelling on William and Kate's trip have been sternly warned that questions about Prince Harry are out of the equation.

"This is a royal engagement, a nine-day trip that has been organised by the Queen for her grandson and his wife, who are keen to pay tribute to her life of dedication and service."

"So, because of its importance, the Palace has said that anyone that quizzes William and Kate about Harry's naked escapades in Las Vegas will be sent home. He's a topic that is off limits."

Although the royal couple were reportedly unimpressed by Harry’s indiscretion, they want to show solidarity for their sibling and will not tolerate press who contradict their request.

Reportedly the entire Royal Family were very upset by The Sun who published the naked photos of the Prince after Clarence House specifically warned UK media organisations not to print them.

So it looks like we won't be getting the gossip about what really went on in that hotel room from Prince William and Kate!

by Alison Potter

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