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Kate Middleton topless: Now Duchess faces pregnant scandal

Esme Riley
By Esme Riley Published on 20 September 2012

Just a week after topless photos of her were printed in a French magazine, Kate Middleton's hit the headlines again after a US publication claimed she's pregnant with twins.

Kate Middleton topless: Now Duchess faces pregnant scandal

Kate Middleton


Star magazine has published an image of Kate on her recent Diamond Jubilee tour in Singapore, claiming she's already "showing".

The Duchess stands with her shoulders back and hips forward, her arm resting across her midriff as she holds a glass of water - no alcohol - in her hands.

The coverline reads: "Scandal turns to joy: It's twins!'

It continues: "Pregnant Kate gets thrilling news amid nude-photo uproar.

"Up to 125lbs and showing."

But Celebuzz has claimed the cover image of Kate has been retouched to make the 30-year-old's stomach look larger than it is.

The gossip site said: "Not only has her floral slim-fit frock been mysteriously blown out...but Prince William‘s wife is mysteriously missing her right-hand ring."

It is the second issue in a row that Star has claimed Kate is pregnant - last week it suggested she had gained "mommy weight" because the waistband of her dress had been loosened.

But their bold claims sparked uproar, namely from 20-year-old US X Factor judge Demi Lovato.

Demi - who went to rehab in 2010 to battle an eating disorder - tweeted: "So apparently Kate Middleton (William?) is pregnant because of THIS picture... Are you KIDDING ME?!!"

She added: "And people wonder why girls/guys have body image issues.. Whether she is or not, she still has a beautiful body. Shame on you Star magazine."

It seems the whole world is talking about Kate for one reason or another.

Kate and husband Prince William, 30, this week won an injunction against French Closer magazine to stop them printing further images of the topless Duchess on holiday.

The royal couple are claiming a gross invasion of privacy when the snaps were taken of them on holiday relaxing by the pool at a sprawling estate in Provence.

The photos show them relaxing by the pool, with Kate seemingly rubbing lotion into Wills' back, her breasts on full show. In another, her top has fallen down or she is about to remove it.

The royals want to bring criminal charges against the photographer who took the pictures and are awaiting a decision from France's prosecutors.

Let's hope it all gets sorted out soon.

by Esme Riley

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