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Katie Waissel blasts former X Factor mentor Cheryl Cole

Alison Potter
By Alison Potter Published on 17 October 2012

Like current X Factor contestant Rylan Clark, back in 2010 Katie Waissel was considered to be a joke act utilised by producers of the ITV show to up their ratings.

Katie Waissel blasts former X Factor mentor Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole

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The 26-year-old’s eccentric behaviour and unique voice divided fans of the show, but Katie and her mentor Cheryl Cole always asserted that she deserved to be in the competition.

But the former receptionist, who currently holds the X Factor record for the numer of times she survived the final showdown (that's four), has been shocked by revelations from Cheryl that she was only included because it was thought that she would make “good TV”.

Although she has since deleted the tweets slamming the Geordie popstar, Katie allegedly wrote: “@cherylcole I thought you were better than this. Shame I trusted you. you live and you learn.”

In the Girls Aloud singer’s new autobiography Cheryl: My Story, the 29-year-old reveals that she “wasn't sure” about Katie, but put her through thinking that she would be entertaining to watch.

Cheryl confessed: “Simon Cowell had spent the past two years drumming into me that we needed acts who would be ‘good TV’.

“When I saw Katie perform this time, I had to admit that she was certainly that. She was quirky, intriguing and busting to succeed.

“In short, she had the character and drive it took to withstand the pressure of the show, and so I put her through, even though she messed up when she sang in front of will.i.am.”

The Under The Sun singer is referring to the infamous incident at Judges' Houses when Katie fell to pieces performing the song Smile and had to stop to compose herself after crying.

Despite stumbling through her song, she was picked her as one of Cheryl’s final three girls, which was a controversial decision at the time as many X Factor viewers felt that talented Gamu Nhengu should have been put through.

The Fight For This Love singer's honest comments about Katie’s inclusion in the show are in sharp contrast to interviews she gave at the time backing the singer to win.

Previously Cheryl said: “I think, for some reason, and I don't know why, people have got into their heads that Katie's the one that shouldn't be here. And I really think she should. She is different to what we know.

“She is eccentric. She's a bit outrageous. But she's not boring. She looks and acts like a star.”

by Alison Potter

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