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Katy Perry hit with indecency charge in India

Alison Potter
By Alison Potter Published on 20 July 2012

Katy Perry is reportedly facing legal action following accusations of lewd and obscene conduct at an event in India.

Katy Perry hit with indecency charge in India

Katy Perry

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Despite the Wide Awake singer’s known love of rotating bras and skimpy costumes, it wasn’t her raunchy on-stage outfits that got her into hot water but a seemingly innocuous incident with Australian cricketer Doug Bollinger.

According to The Sun, the complaint was launched in April when the star performed at the opening of India's cricket Premier League.

During her show the 24-year-old brought cricket pro Doug onstage to demonstrate the proper technique for swinging a bat.

While on stage he stood behind her and gripped her microphone, and the pair shared a little hip-shaking dance together.

The Sun report that this angered lawyer K. Jebakumar, who claims that their encounter was "obscene and lascivious" and "distracted students who were writing exams at the time."

As the lawyer has filed an indecency charge with the Madras High Court against the pair, an Indian court will hear the case and decide if Katy and Doug committed an offence under India's Indecent Representation of Woman Act.

Poor Katy - she only wanted to find out the correct way to swing a cricket bat!

by Alison Potter