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Kelly Osbourne can't marry

By The editorial team Published on 29 April 2010

Kelly Osbourne claims her mother Sharon won't let her get married to her fiance Luke Worrall and she doesn't want to tie the knot yet anyway.

Kelly Osbourne's mother Sharon won't let her get married.
The 25-year-old star insists she and her model fiance Luke Worrall, 20, won't be tying the knot anytime soon, much to the delight of her outspoken parent.
In an interview with Barbara Walters on her Here's Barbara Sirius XM radio show, Kelly - who got engaged to Luke in early 2009 - said: "I have no intentions of getting married anytime soon, and neither does he... I don't want to be married until I'm 30. My mom won't let me get married anyway."
Surprisingly, Kelly even suggested the couple's engagement may not end in a wedding, despite their strong feelings for one another.
She added: "Only the future will tell. Only time will tell. We don't actually live as an engaged couple."
Kelly - whose dad is rocker Ozzy Osbourne - also admitted she only agreed to get engaged to Luke because she didn't want to spoil their relationship by saying no when he popped the question.
She explained: "I said yes just to say yes, and that's the truth... to tell him no I felt would ruin our relationship. Then, after the first year, I started to realise, maybe I really do want to marry."
Sharon has previously stated she thinks her daughter is too young to be engaged.
She said: "They're both very young. But I get it if you want to make a commitment to somebody. Luke's a nice boy. He's a harmless, nice boy."

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