Kelly Osbourne "so happy" to be back working with Joan Rivers after seizure

Published by Francesca Menato
Published on 22 March 2013

Kelly Osbourne has taken to Twitter to tell fans how happy she is to be returning to work.

Kelly Osbourne "so happy" to be back working with Joan Rivers after seizure

Kelly Osbourne Twitter

Joan Rivers
Theatre actress
born 08/06/1933

The TV host is back filming alongside Joan Rivers for E! Entertainment's bitchy style news show Fashion Police.

Kelly was recently released from hospital after she was admitted a few weeks ago having suffered a seizure.

The 28-year-old was filming for the show when she began to feel unwell.

As Kelly fell off her chair and began shaking, a member of the audience who was a doctor immediately rushed forward to treat her.

Now given the all-clear, Kelly could barely contain herself after she was told she was well enough to go back to work.

She tweeted: "#SoHappy I just got the al clear from my doctor to go back to work tomorrow!!!!!"

The young star was also quick to thank the hospital workers who've looked after her at Cedars-Sinai hospital in California.

She wrote: "Thank you to all the Doctors Nurses Medical Staff & Employees @CedarsSinai Hospital for fixing me enough to go home its so nice to bein bed!"

Her Fashion Police co-star Joan Rivers was just as chuffed to have her purple-haired pal back by her side.

Joan tweeted a photo of the pair together with the comment: "Welcome back Kelly!!! THRILLED to have my darling @MissKellyO back on set at @e_FashionPolice. XOXO."

Even the show's special guest for Kelly's first day back - NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon - was excited to see her back on set.

He said: "We're thrilled to have you on the show. It wouldn't be the same for me and my wife [without you]."

Kelly exclaimed as the studio erupted with applause: "Well, I'm glad to be back!"

Welcome back Kelly!

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