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Kim Kardashian planning tummy tuck amid post-birth weight fears?

Alison Potter
By Alison Potter Published on 23 March 2013

Kim Kardashian planning tummy tuck amid post-birth weight fears?

Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian is famed for her amazing curves, which men adore and women want to have.

The pregnant reality star is clearly keen for motherhood not to ruin her enviable figure and she’s reportedly already getting a game plan in place to restore her body to its former glory.

As well as hiring trainer-to-the-stars Tracey Anderson - famed for honing the perfect frames of Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna and Nicole Richie - the 32-year-old is also said to be looking for some surgical help.

Like many other A-list mums, Kim is reportedly planning to have a tummy tuck once her baby with Kanye West is born in July.

Kim’s aunt Joan told Now magazine: “She can have a tummy tuck, which will take care of most of her weight fears.

“The family’s trying to convince Kim to relax and worry about losing the weight months from now.”

The Kourtney And Kim Take Miami star has recently been told by doctors that she must slow down her exercise regime after a miscarriage scare, but Kim’s been panicking nonetheless about her rapidly expanding body.

The 5ft 1in star recently admitted on her E! reality show: “My ass is going to get so big!”

Joan explained: “Other than her belly, which is still rather flat, every other part of her body has ballooned.

“And this is with Kim keeping to a strict diet. Imagine if she let herself go?”

Kim’s strict diet entails just five small meals a day consisting of fruit, wholegrain toast and protein.

Despite Kim’s recent miscarriage panic while flying from Paris to LA, her cousin Cindy Bahr has admitted that the socialite “cannot slow down”.

She told Now magazine: “She’ll work 12 hour days. And she’s been told to do only moderate exercise only three times a week.”

But clearly the pressure and scrutiny over her body and pregnancy is getting to Kim.

Cindy added: “Other than the royal pregnancy, no other pregnant mother’s being more closely watched in the world than Kim!”

by Alison Potter

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