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Kirk Norcross struggling with Jodie Marsh’s sex ban

Alison Potter
By Alison Potter Published on 19 July 2012

Jodie Marsh isn't known for being a demure wallflower - but she's taking a rather reserved approach to her romance with Kirk Norcross.

Kirk Norcross ‘struggling’ with Jodie Marsh’s sex ban

Jodie Marsh


Much to Kirk's distress, the glamour-model-turned-bodybuilder is making him wait before they consummate their relationship in the bedroom.

But former TOWIE star Kirk Norcross, 24, is finding it very difficult to deal with his girlfriend’s imposed sex ban and so is resorting to other measures to stay faithful.

He told Reveal magazine: “I’m struggling...my internet bill’s gone through the roof with the amount of porn I’ve been watching.”

Jodie, 33, added that the main reason her toyboy is struggling is probably due to the fact that he’s easily aroused.

She bluntly explained: “He’s constantly got a hard-on. Literally 90 percent of the day.”

Nonetheless, Kirk seems to be very loved-up with his cougar girlfriend, and the pair have been papped engaging in some very public PDA sessions in their shared hometown of Brentwood.

Jodie has frequently been criticised for her plastic surgery enhanced nose, tattoos and abundance of muscles, but Kirk confessed that these are the things he loves the most about her.

He explained: “I love Jodie’s nose. I’ve got a thing for weird noses. And I like her tattoos. They’re very sexy.”

Jodie, eloquent as always, cites Kirk’s manhood as her favourite thing, revealing: “He’s hung like a donkey. What’s not to like?”

Umm maybe that’s too much information guys...

by Alison Potter

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