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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson reunite for LA karaoke bar date

Esme Riley
By Esme Riley Published on 21 March 2013

After months living on opposite sides of the world, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have reunited.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson reunite for LA karaoke bar date

Kristen Stewart

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The pair's reconciliation has rubbished the split rumours that dogged their relationship while Rob's been away filming new movie The Rover in Australia.

It was said that the pair's romance had never recovered after Kristen was caught cheating on Rob with married director Rupert Sanders last summer.

While the British actor was apparently unable to trust his girlfriend, Kristen was said to be paranoid Rob was spending time with other girls while he was Down Under.

But it seems the pair are willing to work at their issues, as Rob flew straight back to LA and into the arms of Kristen once he'd finished filming.

Their reunion was outed by a fan who photographed her friend with the pair as they left a karaoke bar together.

The Instagram image shows the dressed-down couple posing happily with the female fan, with a usually sombre Kristen even smiling and joking around for the camera.

The fan who posted the snap was quickly inundated with messages about her star-studded run-in.

She explained: "I just ran into them at a karaoke bar by my house... mellow night.

"They were just there hanging out with a few friends."

She added that they were "super nice... just normal people at a bar" and spent their evening "minding their own business hanging out in a booth with friends".

Rob wears a checked red shirt and black denim jacket in the snap, while Kristen sports an oversized green coat and messy hair.

The couple's evening with friends at a karaoke bar is in stark contrast to the rumoured romantic night in Kristen had planned for Rob's return.

Despite rumours Rob was glad to be away from Kristen and therefore didn't let her visit him Down Under, she was ready to pull out all the stops for her man's homecoming.

The 22-year-old US actress had reportedly told Rob, 26, that she "wants him all to herself in the first 24 hours he's back".

The source added to OK! magazine: "He will be jet-lagged of course, but she is got a relaxing night planned with a bottle of wine, pizza, and the two of them. That's all they both want."

Kristen was even said to have told Rob's friends to "back of" until they'd had time alone - but it looks like her plan didn't quite work.

Nonetheless, the pair have wasted no time in meeting up, which seems to suggest all is well in paradise.

by Esme Riley

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