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Liam Gallagher: "Russell's a d*ck” for hurting Geri and Katy

Alison Potter
By Alison Potter Published on 6 September 2012

Liam Gallagher: "Russell's a d*ck” for hurting Geri and Katy

Liam Gallagher has jumped to the defence of Katy Perry and Geri Halliwell, both of whom were reportedly left heartbroken by Russell Brand.

Never one to keep his opinions to himself (ever), at the star-studded GQ Men of the Year awards the outspoken singer vented his frustrations about Russell Brand and his lothario antics.

The Beady Eye frontman told the Daily Star: “Russell’s a d*ck. I don’t really care about any of his relationships.

“All I know is anyone can do better than go out with him. I get on with Geri, she’s all right. We’ve both got small dogs so we meet on Hampstead Heath sometimes.”

Geri starting dating Russell after the pair met while performing at the Olympics closing ceremony, which Liam also performed at.

Following the mammoth concert, the indie legend was seen partying with Geri and the other Spice Girls, putting an end to their long-running feud from the nineties.

But following reports that Russell has unceremoniously ditched Geri in favour of 24-year-old drama student Aimee Levoir, it would appear that the famously grumpy star is feeling rather protective of his pal.

This isn't the first time Russell has caused upset, as according to friends Katy Perry was "blindsided" by his sudden filing of divorce papers in December of last year.
Despite there being no love lost between Liam and Russell, the 37-year-old comedian is still best friends with the other Gallagher brother Noel.

In fact he was even best man to the Don’t Look Back In Anger singer at his wedding last year!


by Alison Potter

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