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Lily Allen launches angry abortion Twitter rant

Esme Riley
By Esme Riley Published on 9 October 2012

Lily Allen has been upsetting a few people on Twitter over her feelings on abortion.

Lily Allen launches angry abortion Twitter rant

Lily Allen


The married singer voiced her rather strong opinion on the subject following the government's recent suggestion of reducing the abortion limit.

Pregnant mum-of-one Lily, 27, wrote: "Can small minded idiot blokes stop telling women whether or not they're entitled to abortions please ? #enoughnow."

Lily's comment sparked outrage from some of her followers, who accused her of denying the adult population a voice and simplifying the issue.

She then Tweeted: "The day the number of single father households equal the number of single mother households is the day I start to listen to their views."

She continued after more arguments from her followers: "Wow there are ALOT of women haters out here. Scary shit. #myuterusisMYuterus."

The following morning, Lily - who tragically lost a baby at six months pregnant in 2010 - then went on to defend her point in more detail.

She wrote: "Ok, Babies are lovely but quite hard work.

"Its really hard to work and have a baby at the same time, because a baby cant stay at home on its own all day while you go to work.

"Sometimes there are lovely Dads who take their responsibilities very seriously and work very hard to look after their babies."These men should be applauded.

"BUT, sometimes, quite often, when the baby’s cry a lot the man gets frustrated and leaves the baby and the lady that had the baby.

"He sticks his fingers in his ears and pretends that the baby isn’t really there, he stops answering his phone when the lady calls.

"The lady gets very sad and feels very alone and angry and even though she loves her baby more than anything ............

"She wonders what her life might have been like if she had never had the baby in the first place."

Lily concluded: "So to all the Pro Lifers spamming me with shit. This is one of the many reasons i believe a woman should have a right to choose. the end."

by Esme Riley