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Lindsay Lohan's dad denies claiming she’s “an escort”

Alison Potter
By Alison Potter Published on 17 January 2013

The public were shocked when a US tabloid claimed Michael Lohan had revealed his 26-year-old daughter Lindsay was "getting paid to date rich men".

Lindsay Lohan's dad denies claiming she’s “an escort”

Lindsay Lohan

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According to Star magazine, he also claimed that her mother Dina was the person orchestrating Lindsay’s employment as a high-class escort, alleging that his ex-wife is “pimping her out - it’s disgusting!”

It’s public knowledge that the troubled actress is now in dire financial straits, allegedly owing over $100,000 in unpaid taxes to the IRS.

In recent years her career has also nosedived following her legal troubles, court appearances and penchant for partying.

But following the newest shocking revelations, the 52-year-old - who is known for his attention-seeking behaviour and love of talking to the press - has vehemently denied making any such accusations.

Michael told TMZ: “By absolutely no means did I ever make such a statement ... ever!

“Sure, Lindsay and [other celebs] make personal appearances and get paid for it!

“Sure, she and they get paid to go to birthday parties and other occasions! But for sex? Are you kidding me?

“I would never say that because she would never do that and it never happened!”

The original article claimed that rich men regularly hire Lindsay for days at a time and pay for everything, including the hotel, travel costs, food, jewellery and other expensive gifts.

One of her most high profile clients is said to be Prince Haji Abdul Azim of Brunei - who is third in line for the throne.

The Mean Girls actress was supposedly paid $100,000 to party with him and his friends over New Year’s in London.

Many aren’t surprised that Lindsay is now heavily reliant on being paid for appearances and parties, especially after it was recently revealed that the troubled actress was paid only $100 a day to star in upcoming film The Canyons.

Meanwhile, many are saying that this scandal could be the final nail in the coffin of her career, especially in the wake of her court date in Los Angeles on 30th January, when she will address charges over her car accident last June.

Lindsay could face eight months in prison after her probation was revoked for allegedly lying about being the driver in the vehicle that crashed.

by Alison Potter