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Lindsay Lohan's house arrest is fair

By The editorial team Published on 24 June 2011

Lindsay Lohan's lawyer Shawn Holley is adamant the actress didn't get any special treatment when she was put under house arrest instead of being imprisoned for her driving under the influence and theft convictions.

Lindsay Lohan's lawyer Shawn Holley is adamant the actress did not get a "special deal" when she was sentenced to house arrest in lieu of jail time.
The attorney - who represented the troubled star after she recently violated the terms of her 2007 conviction for driving under the influence (DUI) - insists the decision to allow her to serve her punishment at her apartment in Venice Beach, California, is "fair" and the same punishment that anyone with her past convictions would have received.
Holley said: "People think celebrities get it easier and a break, but the converse is true. With someone in the spotlight, there is a lot of attention on the sheriffs and prosecutors, and they don't want people to know deals are being made.
"Anyone with her background would have gotten house arrest, she didn't get a special deal. I worried perception would harm her. But everyone - the judge, the courts - were professional, so it was fair.
"It was difficult in my mind. I believed public pressure would make the powers that be behave differently but she got what everyone would have."
The 'Machete' star will continue to be under house arrest until June 29 for violating her probation and for stealing a $2,500 necklace.

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