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MasterChef winners: Viewers in uproar as judges crown two champions

Esme Riley
By Esme Riley Published on 14 December 2012

MasterChef fans were left unsatisfied when judges failed to decide on a single winner of the show last night.

MasterChef winners: Viewers in uproar as judges crown two champions

Keri Moss, 41, and Anton Piotrowski, 30, were awarded joint first prize in The Professionals competition by chef Michel Roux Jr and food expert Gregg Wallace.

Michel defended their decision as "impossible".

He said: “This has probably been one of the hardest, tightest finals that I have ever seen.

"It was just impossible to split them - their talents have been matched plate for plate for the past several challenges and it was truly impossible to award one the title over the other.”

Gregg Wallace added: "What an amazing final; I can’t ever remember a decision this tight.”

The pair - plus 23-year-old Oli Boon, who took third place - had taken part in a gruelling four-week contest to be crowned the country's best professional chef.

In the fiercely competitive final, the challenges included designing and preparing a Michelin standard course for more than 30 starred chefs, inspectors and restaurateurs.

They also had the opportunity to cook in the kitchens of Heston Blumenthal's The Fat Duck restaurant and as their final task were asked to serve up a three-course meal for the judges.

Keri - a freelance caterer from Nunhead - seemed over the moon with the judges' final decision.

She said: "Joint winners is just fantastic, we've had a good run together, Anton is awesome.

"Today has surpassed anything that I have ever achieved in my career, in my whole life, this is just massive."

Anton - who runs a pub with his wife in south Devon - added: "It's absolutely amazing; to share the title with someone that's so talented and so amazing is unreal. It's a good start to the rest of my life, mind-blowing."

It's the first time in the programme's history that two people have been crowned winners - but the move hasn't proved popular with viewers.

One wrote on Twitter: "If I'd wanted to watch something for days on end that resulted in a draw, I would've watched cricket."

Another said: "What a cop out, just make a decision #jointwinners."

And another fan posted: "I was disappointed by #Masterchef last night, what's the point in going through all that and then have joint winners??? Crazy #TeamAnton."

by Esme Riley

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