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Mel B and Samantha Brick’s catty face-to-face encounter

Alison Potter
By Alison Potter Published on 19 October 2012

Mel B and Samantha Brick’s catty face-to-face encounter

Mel B

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Mel B and Samantha Brick are not shy about speaking their minds and so it was inevitable that the pair crossing paths would be a bit of a disaster.

Both were due to be interviewed this week on Australian radio programme The Kyle And Jackie O Show, but neither knew the other was scheduled to be on at the same time.

Controversial Daily Mail journalist Samantha admits to having been “a massive Spice Girls fan”, but was shocked by Mel B’s harsh and cruel words upon finding out that the 41-year-old was also going to be on the programme.

The former Celebrity Big Brother housemate writes: “I, like most British women, have always been a massive Spice Girls fan - naively assuming they were pro-women.

“All I can say about my encounter with Mel B is this: so much for Girl Power.”

Samantha hit the headlines earlier this year for her controversial writing about the troubles she faces for being so pretty.

According to Samantha, 37-year-old Mel’s first words live on air before Sam came on were: “Have you seen her though? She's not as attractive as she thinks she is.”

Once on air, Mel continued to ask the journalist if she thought she was beautiful, which led to Australian listeners calling in to criticise the ex-pop star for her unprovoked attack.

At the time Samantha appeared to hold her tongue, but in her Daily Mail column she makes a scathing and personal attack on Mel B.

She scorns the fact that the former girl band member is a “twice-married mum of three” and has “three daughters [who] each have different fathers”.

While on the radio Mel apparently asked Samantha why she chose to go on the latest series of Channel 5’s Celebrity Big Brother.

The journalist snidely writes that it was for “the same reasons as the shows you appear on Mel, to pay the bills.”

Apparently things went from bad to worse between the pair as the X Factor Australia judge declared that the reality star’s marriage was “crap”.

But Samantha - not responding at all over the radio and choosing instead to write down her thoughts in her column - goes on to attack Mel B for her “vitriolic response” and the “venom [which] spewed forth all over me”.

The Daily Mail journalist argues that she had “the last laugh”.

She writes: "For however confident Mel is about 'for better or for worse' and her husband loving her for her curves, later on that day she was photographed 'unawares' with her personal trainer.”

It looks like neither female celebrity came off well from this catty encounter!

by Alison Potter

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