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Mel C: Marriage would ruin relationship

By The editorial team Published on 16 May 2011

Mel C has admitted she is afraid to marry her partner Tom Starr in case it changes their relationship.

Mel C doesn't want to get married in case it ruins her relationship.
The Spice Girls singer has a two-year-old daughter Scarlet with Tom Starr - her partner of nine years - but Mel admits the pair have no plans to tie the knot because she is worried their relationship would change.
She explained: "Having Scarlet has made us stronger, to share such a wonderful thing. But no, marriage is not on the cards. We're just happy the way we are. We've been happily together for nine years and it's a superstitious thing - if we marry, will it change? It's cool."
However, Mel and Tom plan to have more kids and Mel revealed she can't wait to tell Scarlet about her Spice Girls days when she gets older.
Asked if Scarlet knows her mum is famous, Mel told You magazine: "For her it's just normal. But I suppose I'm part of history. I'll be able to show my children - I really want her to have siblings - the cover of Rolling Stone and say, 'Look, that was mummy'."

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