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Michelle Keegan and Max George in nasty row "over £10k engagement ring"

Alison Potter
By Alison Potter Published on 1 November 2012

Michelle Keegan and Max George in nasty row "over £10k engagement ring"

Max George


Despite keeping mum about their split in April, it was clear that Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan and The Wanted singer Max George went through a very nasty break-up.

The pair were at one point engaged, but then things suddenly went sour between them amid claims that Max was engaging in steamy calls and sex-texting with his ex-girlfriend behind the soap star’s back.

Although both have since moved on, it looks like time hasn’t healed all wounds as according to The Mirror the former couple are in a bitter dispute over the £10,000 engagement ring that Max, 24, presented Michelle last year.

The heartthrob has reportedly been pleading with Michelle to return the pricey ring for over four months, which the 25-year-old described as “gorgeous” when they got engaged.

A friend of the singer told The Mirror: “He is desperate to get it back but is not getting anywhere.”

They believe Michelle’s reluctant to return it because she’s still hurting from the messy break-up, while a source has admitted that she was “staggered” by Max’s out-of-the-blue demand.

The source close to the Corrie star revealed: “It’s a bit rich considering all that’s subsequently come out to suddenly start demanding it back.”

They added: “Perhaps he needs the money.”

Despite being taken aback by Max’s wish to have the ring returned, the soap star has agreed to meet to give it to him - but The Wanted star is keen to avoid an awkward encounter with his ex and has rudely requested that she post it instead.

Max has even publicly hinted at his frustration over the £10,000 piece of jewellery, telling Bauer Radio’s Inemand show that the most expensive thing he had ever bought was “a ring”.

Asked if he had got it back, the immature singer glumly replied: “Not yet.”

by Alison Potter

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