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Miley Cyrus' brother nearly died from post-op haemorrhage

Esme Riley
By Esme Riley Published on 20 July 2012

The little brother of singer and actress Miley Cyrus is lucky to be alive after complications following a tonsillectomy.

Miley Cyrus' brother nearly died from post-op haemorrhage

Miley Ray Cyrus

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Braison Cyrus, 18, was sent home after having his tonsils removed on 5th July - but his recovery did not go smoothly.

Mum Tish Cyrus told E! News: "After five kids I have seen it all. But I had never seen anything like this. It was crazy.

"On the seventh day after surgery he had some bleeding. It scared him but it wasn't a lot. I called the doctor and spoke to a nurse.

"They said it was totally normal, just scabs coming off and there will be some bleeding, and said don't panic. But if there is a steady stream of blood that is not normal."

Just a couple of days later, things went from bad to worse for Braison.

She continued: "On day nine he woke himself up because he felt something running down his throat.

"He sat up and started spewing blood out of his mouth. As soon as he came to me I immediately put him in the car.

"We live three miles from the hospital, luckily. I got in there and you could see the nurses and doctors in the emergency room were alarmed.

"They started doing everything they could to get the bleeding stopped. The blood was just pouring out of his mouth.

"He was choking on his own blood! It was so traumatising. You think a tonsillectomy is no big deal! But it was full-blown haemorrhaging.

"They took him back into operating room and stitched up the bleeding artery."

Tish wants other parents to realise that a tonsillectomy can be life threatening.

She added: "Really, your tonsils are right near a major artery, and it can be fatal. If I had not gotten Braison to the hospital it terrifies me to think what would have happened.

"He is doing okay. [But] psychologically, it is really tough."

by Esme Riley

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