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Morgan Freeman's confrontation fears

By The editorial team Published on 28 June 2010

Morgan Freeman says his greatest fear in life is having a confrontation with someone.

Morgan Freeman is terrified of confrontation.
The Oscar-winning actor says the thought of being in a fight with someone is his one big fear in life so avoids any situations where one may occur.
He said: "My only fear is confrontation. Nothing else scares me. I can't do confrontation so I avoid it at all costs. I fly, I sail, I drive fast, I ride horses. I have no fear of the big things in life, I have no fear of being on my own, but I don't like the idea of a fight. Some people enjoy it, I never have and never will."
Avoiding confrontation has been quite easy for the 'Driving Miss Daisy' star as he admits he can easily charm people.
He is quoted by Live magazine as saying: "Charm has been my greatest gift. I learned the power of charm early on in life. As a young black man in 50s America in Mississippi you have to learn something extra special to keep yourself out of trouble. Charm betas aggression any day and it's something you'll use all your life. Charm is the secret ingredient and it's more powerful than anything I know. A lot of people could benefit from working on a bit of charm."

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