Nicki Minaj was convinced she was going to hell

Published on 10 February 2011

'Your Love' rapper Nicki Minaj was terrified she would go to hell as a child because she had sex before marriage.

Nicki Minaj was terrified she would go to hell as a child.
The 'Your Love' rapper - who is well known for her outrageous dress sense - was taught pre-marital sex was bad as a youngster and was concerned after she had her first sexual encounter she would end up going to hell.
She said: "When I was younger, I felt like I had been taught that pre-marital sex was bad, and so I always felt like if I had pre-marital sex I would go to hell. So when I did, I really felt like, erm...
"I suppressed that a lot. So I really went through years of trying to make myself feel comfortable. Like, 'OK, I'm not going to hell.'
"But it was scary at that time I was younger, and you know that's all I'd been taught. So I spent a lot of time beating myself up."
However, her background has led to her now becoming a strong character, something she feels she was born with.
The 26-year-old star added to NME magazine: "I think people are born with star power. I do think that there is something inside of people that when they're born they're ambitious.
"I feel like I was going to win, whatever I have to go through. I'm not gonna let up on it."