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Nicolas Cage's son needed eight stitches

By The editorial team Published on 9 June 2011

Nicolas Cage's son reportedly needed eight stitches after an alleged altercation with his personal trainer at a Hollywood eatery.

Nicolas Cage's son needed eight stitches and is now being evaluated for head and brain trauma after an alleged altercation with his personal trainer.
Weston Cage, 20, was taken to a Beverly Hills medical facility by ambulance after he reportedly "freaked out" at Hollywood eatery The Framer's Kitchen on Tuesday afternoon (07.06.11) but witnesses have now come forward to claim he was beaten by Kevin Villegas his high school wrestling coach and personal trainer who had been hired to protect him.
A source told RadarOnline that Kevin gave Weston 13 hard punches to the face, adding "He deliberately provoked Weston. And he wouldn't stop even though people were telling him to. He (Villegas) could have easily subdued Weston."
The gossip website claims to have seen a video - which is reportedly now in police custody - of the alleged attack and says an investigation is underway by the authorities.
While details of what happened are unclear, it had been reported Weston became upset when his trainer would not allow him to order a particular dish and witnesses claim he "freaked out" before police were called and took him to hospital for a mental evaluation.
However, it was also alleged Weston had a fight with his wife Nikki Williams - who he married in New Orleans on April 24 - and was already upset when he arrived at the eatery.

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