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"Panicked" One Direction call ambulance after fan prank

Francesca Menato
By Francesca Menato Published on 21 March 2013

Stunned One Direction started to dial 999 when a fan collapsed in front of them - only to realise it was all a prank.

"Panicked" One Direction call ambulance after fan prank

Harry Styles


Saturday Night Takeaway hosts Ant and Dec dressed up and successfully fooled the young lads into believing they were a fan and TV host from New Zealand.

Ant, 37, revealed at the Royal Television Society Entertainment Awards: “The ruse was that 1D’s biggest fans had flown in to meet them.

“Dec dressed up as one called Jack from New Zealand and I was Ben, a TV host from there.

“I introduced him to the group - and the meeting didn’t go as planned. But they fell for it.”

Dec said: “I faked an asthma attack. They panicked and I hyperventilated."

Nice boys as they are, One Direction called the emergency services, before the true identity of their fan was revealed.

The double act had a great time getting one over on the pop stars, admitting: "It was such fun and they fell for it."

The TV jokers were careful about their choice of disguise, planning their fake identity carefully after finding out the boys were yet to meet a Kiwi fan.

Dec, 37, said: “On the 1D tour they met two fans from every nation.

"We heard the only two who didn’t go were from New Zealand and thought, ‘This is our way in’. We were all over them.”

The set-up also saw Ant “accidentally” leave his microphone on, leaving the group embarrassed as he talked about who was the sexiest member.

You can see the boys looking silly on this weekend's Saturday Night Takeaway at 7pm on ITV1.

by Francesca Menato

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