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Pippa Middleton’s “flirty” dates with hotelier Andre Balazs

Alison Potter
By Alison Potter Published on 4 September 2012

Pippa Middleton’s “flirty” dates with hotelier Andre Balazs

Pippa Middleton


After stealing the show at her sister Kate’s wedding, Pippa Middleton became one of the world’s most lusted after ladies.

But it would appear that the party planner and soon-to-be-author is off the market as she has been spotted on several dates with “dashing” hotelier Andre Balazs.

The New York Post reports that the new couple were “flirt central” during their allegedly cosy break in the US.

Pippa and Andre spent the American Labour Day holiday together at one of his luxury boutique hotels Sunset Beach on the outskirts of New York in the Hamptons.

The couple were seen dining together on Sunday night and playing a game of ping pong.

The insider revealed: “Pippa was wearing red jeans and a white top. She was dressed sexy, but not too sexy.”

According to onlookers there was “definite chemistry between the pair” and “Andre was being very charming.”

The 28-year-old’s relationship with former England cricketer Alex Loudon ended because he reportedly struggled to cope with his girlfriend’s new-found fame following the Royal Wedding, but Andre has plenty of practice dating women in the spotlight.

The 55-year-old businessman, who is 27 years older than Pippa, previously dated Kill Bill actress Uma Thurman and popular American comedian Chelsea Handler.

It looks like a good fit for the pair, as reportedly Pippa was keen to acquire some business advice from the successful older commercial property owner.

The insider explained to the New York Post: “She shares his interest in hospitality.

“Everyone was speculating what a great romantic pairing this could be.”

The younger Middleton sister didn't seem to be bothered by being recognised and was reportedly “really nice and very friendly” to those who asked for a picture with the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge.

With a blossoming relationship and her new book Celebrate: A Year Of Festivities For Families And Friends due out, the party planner will most certainly have her hands full in the coming months.

Perhaps Andre will let her stay for free at his hotels during her mammoth US book tour?

by Alison Potter

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