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Prince Harry 'hooks up' with Chelsy Davy lookalike

Esme Riley
By Esme Riley Published on 20 July 2012

Prince Harry is said to be getting together with the model daughter of a former It girl.

Prince Harry 'hooks up' with Chelsy Davy lookalike

Cressida Bonas, whose mum is Sixties cover girl Lady Mary-Gaye Georgina Lorna Curzon, is described as "posh, pretty and perfect" - and she's caught the Prince's eye.

Blonde Cressida bears more than a passing resemblance to Harry's ex Chelsy Davy, who he dated on-off for seven years.

And just like Chelsy, Cressida attended Stowe public school before studying at Leeds University.

The pair headed out with friends in London on Wednesday night following the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises and went to great efforts to ensure they weren't snapped together.

But inside nightclub Le Salon, according to onlookers it wasn't long before Harry and 23-year-old Cressida "hooked up" and were seen kissing in a corner.

Cressida left alone at 4am, with Harry heading home just 10 minutes later.

Harry's new romance comes not long after he admitted his royal responsibilities make it hard for him to find a partner.

He told CBS News: "It's sort of: 'Oh my god, he's a prince.' But no. The job that it entails - I mean look at me, I'm 27 years old.

"I'm not so much searching for someone to fulfil the role, but obviously, you know, finding someone that would be willing to take it on."

by Esme Riley

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