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Prince Harry naked: His 10-day holiday bender revealed

Esme Riley
By Esme Riley Published on 23 August 2012

A red-faced Prince Harry has flown back to England after pictures emerged of him partying naked in Las Vegas.

Prince Harry naked: His 10-day holiday bender revealed

Prince Harry


The 27-year-old lad was on a ten-day holiday with his mates when he decided to lose his clothes during a game of strip billiards.

But that was just one night of his break, which kicked off at Richard Branson's Necker Island to celebrate the birthday of the businessman's son, Sam.

Harry was joined by mates Tom 'Skippy' Inskip, 25 - known as his 'wingman' - and 30-year-old Arthur Landon - who has a fortune estimated at £200 million.

According to friends, before leaving for the trip, Arthur posted a photo of his suitcase on Facebook: "2x flip flops, 3x board shorts, 8x fancy-dress outfits, 1x toothbrush, 1x toothpaste, 10x awesomeness."

Harry's rumoured new love interest, Cressida Bonas, also flew to the paradise island, but after a week the boys headed to Las Vegas - and it seems it was strictly no girls allowed.

The group stayed at the five-star Wynn casino complex in a suite that cost £5,100 a night and boasts its own billiard table.

On their first night the boys hit the casino - of course - and hours later were reportedly playing naked billiards with a group of "hot chicks" they'd met.

It's reported it was on this night that one of the guests snapped a couple of naked photos of Harry - in one he covers his modesty with his hands and in another he's giving a naked girl a hug from behind.

The disloyal party-goer went on to sell the pictures to US website TMZ.

The next day, it seems Harry ignored any hangover to hire a £1,000-a-day bungalow at the MGM Grand Hotel for one of its infamous pool parties.

This time Harry decided to wear clothes - a pair of flowered surfing shorts - while waiters served £65 pitchers of ‘dragonberry’ mojitos and even a £13,000 15-litre bottle of Veuve Clicquot champagne.

The girls next door to Harry's bungalow were understandably excited and posed for snaps with the Prince, who they described as "a gentleman".

One said: "He asked, 'Which one of you is single?'. And he was sticking out his tongue acting really loud and goofy."

But it didn't stop there for Harry, who clearly has serious stamina. The following day he headed to another pool party at the Encore Beach Club, where he challenged US Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte to a race.

A group of Essex boys had been lucky enough to also be at the event.

One wrote on Twitter: "Just spend my night with prince harry and ryan lochte, life doesn’t get any f*cking better!!!!!

"He kissed me on the lips. Ha Ha!. I can’t describe how this night was with harry!! I thru him in the pool. Legend!!! x."

by Esme Riley

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