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Prince Harry's minders blamed for naked Vegas photos

Esme Riley
By Esme Riley Published on 24 August 2012

Prince Harry's guards have been criticised for not doing enough to stop girls taking pictures of him in his Las Vegas hotel suite.

Prince Harry's minders blamed for naked Vegas photos

Prince Harry


The 27-year-old was left red-faced this week when naked photos of him playing strip billiards were leaked to TMZ online.

Harry and his mates were on holiday in the party city and after an evening of gambling had reportedly picked up a "bunch of chicks" and partied with them in his luxury hotel room.

But when the girls started taking pictures, it's alleged one of Harry's guards "lackadaisically" said: "Awww, come on...no photos."

TMZ added: "After more boozing, the clothes came off...and more photos were taken, in plain view of the handlers, yet Harry's people did nothing."

In one of the leaked snaps, nude Harry protects his modesty with his hands; in another he hugs a naked girl from behind.

Clarence House were forced to confirm the pictures were indeed of the Prince, while Harry was flown straight back to the UK.

TMZ went on to claim that it was an "epic failure" no-one had been asked to give up their phones when entering the room.

Sources added the minders were "asleep at the wheel" and "enjoying the party more than protecting the Prince from himself."

by Esme Riley

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