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Prince's hair saving guitar

By The editorial team Published on 5 July 2010

Pop superstar Prince believes playing the electric guitar his entire life has stopped him from going bald.

Prince believes playing the electric guitar has stopped him from going bald.
The 52-year-old pop legend - who can play 27 different instruments - is convinced the electricity that flows through a guitar when he strums it is the reason he still has luscious locks.
He said: "Playing electric guitar your whole life does something to you. I'm convinced all that electricity racing through your body made me keep my hair."
Prince - who has released over 30 albums during his career - also admits he can't "function" properly if he can't record songs.
The 'Purple Rain' singer - who releases his new album '20TEN' for free in the UK this Saturday (10.07.10) through a promotion with the Daily Mirror newspaper - said: "Music is my life. It's my trade. If I can't get it out of my head I can't function. Someone told me recently they saw me at my peak, but how do they know when my peak is? I think I'm improving all the time. When I listen to my old records I'm ashamed of how I played them."