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Professor Green sparks bulimia row on Twitter

Alison Potter
By Alison Potter Published on 30 July 2012

Professor Green’s witty word play and smart rhymes have shot him to the top of the charts, but he’s got himself into a spot of trouble with his latest lines. The Hackney rapper, who's currently in New York with his Made In Chelsea girlfriend Millie Mackintosh, has made a few ill-advised jokes about bulimia on Twitter. The 28-year-old, real name Stephen Manderson, tweeted: “I'm over they heads like a bulimic on a sea-saw.”

Professor Green sparks bulimia row on Twitter

He then added: “Bulimia is quite an intelligent eating disorder.”

His comments provoked a furious reaction from his 1.2million followers, who instantly criticised Pro Green for his insensitive words.

Many unfollowed the rapper and others labeled him “sick” and "disgusting”, but Professor Green continued with his controversial tweets.

He wrote: “It'd be easier just to chew food and spit it out but still, you get to eat whatever you want and stay skinny. #winning.”

Pro seemed surprised by the furore on Twitter.

He asked users: “How can you be a fan of my music and get all pissy over a tweet? Haven't you heard my punchlines?”

He went on to explain that he made the jokes in light of the fact that he’s on holiday and stuffing his face, admitting: “I'm going to have maple syrup for blood by the time i leave this place.”
Despite upsetting a large amount of fans, there are those that have stood up for the outspoken rapper.

One user tweeted Professor Green: “Oversensitive people make me want to drop kick em into a poverty-wrecked African village, make em get a little perspective.”

by Alison Potter

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