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Rebecca Ferguson "shocked" after Zayn Malik suggested he regrets their relationship

Esme Riley
By Esme Riley Published on 23 October 2012

Rebecca Ferguson has admitted she was taken aback by Zayn Malik's recent comments about their relationship.

Rebecca Ferguson "shocked" after Zayn Malik suggested he regrets their relationship

Rebecca Ferguson


X Factor 2010 runner-up Rebecca was left disappointed after One Direction star Zayn suggested he regretted their four-month romance in 2011.

Zayn, 19, told Now magazine: "It was just a weird situation and a weird time I was going through being away from home on The X Factor tour.

"To get that comfort and friendship from someone was nice. But I think it was a wrong decision to make at such a young age.

"Then it did end quite badly so we don't talk any more."

Zayn went on to admit that it was "definitely unrealistic" for them to think they could maintain a relationship with Rebecca being a busy mum to her two children.

He added: "It was just a wrong idea from the start. It shouldn't have happened. It did.

"And then we dealt with it and went our separate ways."

Rebecca has now responded to Zayn's comments and though she's not pleased about what he said, she refuses to hit back.

Rebecca told New! magazine: “I was so shocked by what he said!

“I’m not going to retaliate. All I will say is that there have been a lot of things said and he knows so far that I’ve stayed classy and quiet and bitten my lip.

“I’m not one to reveal big secrets about what’s gone on in a relationship, and I think he was probably put up to this. I know him too well to think he’d say it deliberately.”

The 26-year-old continued: “I won’t talk about what went wrong between us but he knows what happened. And it is what it is. At this point in my career and at my stage of life, I won’t expose what went on there.”

Zayn - who met Rebecca during their time on X Factor - is now loved-up with Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards.

Rebecca added: “I haven’t [met her] but I am a fan of the Little Mix girls and she seems lovely. I think they’re good together.”

Though she's staying tight-lipped now, Rebecca did speak about her split with Zayn earlier this year.

She told Fabulous: "It was sad, but I wasn't feeling it. I don't want to go into the ins and outs of what was said between us."

The Liverpudlian then went on to cryptically say that when she's with a man she wants it to feel like "he is with me 100 per cent".

She added: "There shouldn't be any messing around. I'm not saying Zayn cheated. The relationship just didn't feel right for me.

"I'm a bit more mature now and I know what I want. And it wasn't that, so I knew I had to get out."

by Esme Riley