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Rihanna is "sick" at VIP table on Las Vegas night out

Esme Riley
By Esme Riley Published on 25 September 2012

She may be beautiful and talented, but even Rihanna has those cringeworthy "oh no I didn't" moments.

Rihanna is "sick" at VIP table on Las Vegas night out



The singer is renowned for her wild nights out - and on a recent evening at Las Vegas' 1 OAK nightspot, it's reported Rihanna overindulged to embarrassing levels.

In-between dancing the night away, the 24-year-old is said to have been sick at her VIP table. Eeeeeek!

A clubber told The Sun: “She threw up in a napkin. The guy with her handed her a white towel to clean up.”

But Rihanna isn't one to give up on a good night and she was reportedly soon partying again, clutching a drink and dancing with R&B star Ne-Yo.

She didn't leave the venue until 5.30am, and even then it wasn't home time.Instead, Rihanna headed to notorious strip venue, Spearmint Rhino.

She tweeted after her night out: "Came.Saw.Conquered.....#theVegas."

It was only last week that Rihanna posted a controversial picture of a topless stripper with money in her mouth on Twitter.The dancer's head is between a pair of legs - presumed to be the singer's.

She tweeted: "Bands ah make her dance."

Back in May Rihanna sparked concerns for her health after she was hospitalised for "exhaustion and dehydration".

The You Da One singer, who'd been enjoying a wild week of partying, even tweeted a photo of her arm attached to an IV drip.

Slow down, RiRi!

by Esme Riley