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Robert Pattinson "agrees to meet Kristen after tearful call"

Esme Riley
By Esme Riley Published on 28 August 2012

Robert Pattinson has agreed to meet up with Kristen Stewart just weeks after she confessed to cheating on him with a married director.

Robert Pattinson "agrees to meet Kristen after tearful call"

Kristen Stewart

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Twilight star Rob, 26, is said to believe Kristen's infidelity with Snow White And The Huntsman film maker Rupert Sanders was just a "moment of stupidity".

A source told Look magazine: "They talked [on the phone] for about an hour - it was very emotional. Kristen begged to meet face-to-face so they could talk. It was obvious she was getting through to Rob and he has agreed to see her.

"Even though she made a horrendous mistake, Rob can't just switch off his feelings. He was madly in love with her and I think believes that it was a moment of stupidity, not a long, drawn-out affair and it'd never happen again.

"In Rob's eyes, Kristen was seduced and she's clearly not just sorry but completely destroyed by what she's done."

Rob confirmed this month that he's moved out of the LA home he once shared with his Twilight co-star Kristen, 22.

The actor's seemed on good form for a number of appearances to promote his new film Cosmopolis, while Kristen's been doing her best to avoid the public eye.

She said in a statement after pictures emerged of her kissing Rupert, 41, last month: "I'm deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I've caused to those close to me and everyone this has affected.

"This momentary indiscretion has jeopardised the most important thing in my life, the person I love and respect the most, Rob. I love him, I love him, I'm so sorry."

by Esme Riley

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