Samantha Cameron loves provocative rapper Azealia Banks

Published by Alison Potter
Published on 19 September 2012

Samantha Cameron is apparently a fan of provocative rapper Azealia Banks. According to 21-year-old New York native Azealia, the prime minister's wife told her at London Fashion Week that she loves her tongue-in-cheek hit 212.

Samantha Cameron loves provocative rapper Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks
born 31/05/1991

Azealia announced the news on Twitter, telling her fans: "Just met Samantha Cameron... She told me she loves 212..... *mind blown*."

She added: “Samantha Cameron is the Michelle Obama of Britain. . . This is actually crazy right now.”

Samantha Cameron loves provocative rapper Azealia Banks

212 is widely considered to be one of the rudest chart hits in recent memory and the song’s lyrics include a whole host of swear words and highly sexualised language.

Her clever word play - which touches on topics including oral sex and gang violence - is so obscene that it needed more than 50 edits before it was allowed to be played on Radio 1.

Although many may be surprised by the mother-of-three’s musical tastes, Sam Cam has previously been spotted raving in Ibiza to electronic band 2ManyDJs and is actually close friends with trip-hop artist Tricky.

Meanwhile, her husband David isn’t such a fan of modern music and he’s even been called “a donut” by grime star Lethal Bizzle, after attacking Radio 1 for playing rap music "that encourages people to carry guns and knives".

Perhaps Samantha should lend David her iPod - he can clearly learn a thing or two from her!