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Sherlock's Benedict Cumberbatch considers quitting the UK

Esme Riley
By Esme Riley Published on 14 August 2012

Benedict Cumberbatch has revealed that he's thought about leaving Britain because of “all the posh-bashing that goes on”.

Sherlock's Benedict Cumberbatch considers quitting the UK

Benedict Cumberbatch


The Sherlock actor, who was educated at top private school Harrow, is fed up of being victimised for his privileged background.

He told the Radio Times: “I wasn’t born into land or titles, or new money, or an oil rig.”

But Benedict said he had been “castigated as a moaning, rich, public-school b*stard, complaining about only getting posh roles.

“It’s just so predictable...so domestic and so dumb...It makes me think I want to go to America.”

Benedict is set to play an Edwardian aristocrat in BBC1 period drama Parade’s End and would no doubt upset his hordes of female admirers if he abandoned his home country.

The 35-year-old was recently voted No 1 in a sexiest man poll, beating even David Beckham, 37, into 2nd place.

It's a title that amuses modest Benedict, who's single after splitting from actress Olivia Poulet last year.

He continued: “It puts a bit of a spring in your step. It’s nice, you swagger a little bit, it’s enjoyable."I’ve punched well above my weight this year. And that remains very much a secret.

"I find it hysterically funny. It’s a giggle. I wield it with a massive smile.”

by Esme Riley

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