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Simon Cowell branded a "dipstick" after calling house healer

Esme Riley
By Esme Riley Published on 26 September 2012

Simon Cowell's a no nonsense kind of man - so it seems a little odd that he invited a psychic "house healer" into his mansion last weekend.

Simon Cowell branded a "dipstick" after calling house healer

Simon Cowell


The LA-based music mogul revealed the bizarre visit to his 3,917,998 Twitter followers.

He wrote: "Hello. I hope you had a nice weekend. Mine was very nice. Today I had someone heal my house. Strange but great."

He added: "The healer brings in good energy. Someone told me about it. It takes a couple of days."

Spiritual believers claim banishing negative energy can protect a home's inhabitants from depression and insomina, as well as serious illnesses such as cancer.

It is a popular movement in California's celebrity circles that sees the healer "dowsing" the house, which means using a pendulum or pair of rods to identify energy.

But many of 52-year-old Simon's fans thought such an idea was a load of rubbish.

One wrote: “Getting someone to heal your house? You are turning into a right LA crystal-gazing dipstick. Sort yourself man, you’re British.”

But it seems Simon won't be taking any notice of his critics (no surprise there!) as it appears he's got a rather strong interest in spirituality.

He tweeted: "I just watched the twilight zone on apple tv. I love it. I think they should remake it."

by Esme Riley

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